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Otterbine Barebo Inc

Unknown +1 610 9656018

Products Plant & Equipment • Aeration systems • Wastewater treatment equipment Review Since 1952 when the first Otterbine was introduced to the market it had been engineer

INVE Aquaculture Inc

Unknown +1 801 9560203

Products Feed & Feed Ingredients • Ammonia Binders, Yucca • Artemia, Artemia adults Review Inve Aquaculture Inc has strived for innovation and offering the highest qua

Merck Animal Health

Unknown +1 908 473 3349

Products Feed and Feed Ingredients • Medicines, antibiotics • Medicines, vaccines Review Sustaining the world’s growing appetite for fish and shellfish puts a heavy respons

Innovative Heat Concepts LLC

Unknown +1 305 2484971

Products Plant & Equipment • Heat exchange • Heaters, electric immersion Review Innovative heat concepts LLC supply non-contaminating and energy efficient heaters to the

YSI, a xylem brand

Unknown +1 937 7677241

Products Plant & Equipment • Analysers, environmental control • Water quality Review YSI is a developer and manufacturer of sensors, instruments, software, and data c

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc

Unknown +1 877 3474788

Products Plant & Equipment • Aeration systems • Filter systems Review Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc (PAES) of Apopka, FL, is the largest source of aquatic products and

Aeration Industries International

Unknown +1 952 4486789

Products Plant & Equipment • Aeration systems • Wastewater treatment equipment Review The AIRE-O2® Series II Aerator has proven excellence with more than 40 Years of

Myron L Company

Unknown +1 760 4382021

Products Plant & Equipment • Water quality Review Since the 1960’s, the company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality and simple to operate c

Industrial Netting

Unknown +1 763 4966355

Products Plant & Equipment • Netting • Netting, predator control Review We feature a wide range of durable plastic netting and tubing to meet the needs of a variety of app


Unknown +1 201 6762525

Products Plant & Equipment • Aquaray UV Disinfection Systems • ozonia® Ozone Generators Review SUEZ is a leading global supplier of ozone generation and ultraviolet (UV)

Forestry Suppliers Inc

Unknown +1 601 354 3565

Products Plant & Equipment • Safety equipment • Samplers & probes Review When it comes to the supplies and equipment you need for monitoring and managing our natural re