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Livestock Feed’s growth and success has been a result of the company’s commitment to acquire, develop and maintain the nutritional technologies needed to produce high quality, high performance feeds. The aquaculture industry is constantly evolving and creating requirements for diets that must be specifically formulated for these demanding environmental and culture management conditions. Livestock Feed find this to be exciting, and look forward to a future of expanded opportunities and technical challenges.

For over 20 years Livestock has concentrated on providing both feed products and services to aquaculture in this area, starting first with shrimp feed, particularly in Madagascar, and then extending our activities to a wide range of products, also covering extruded feed for marine and fresh water fish. Moreover, Livestock Feed have develop enough flexibility to enable tailor-made formula for each of our customer, enabling us to be as close as possible to any specific requirement.

Livestock Feed have become in a few years an established reference in the region, both for the competitiveness and the quality of their feed. Their expansion is ongoing in Southern Africa, both for tilapia/catfish market and for marine species like red drum, dusky kob, grouper, etc…

On the shrimp side, Livestock Feed have been aside all their regional market, and have accompanied their customers up to the most stringent requirements as they are now certified as EU-Organic.


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