SNP and Humboldt Institute analyze current situation of jack mackerel in the South Pacific

July 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aquaculture News,News-Global

The National Fisheries Society (SNP) and the Humboldt Institute for Marine and Aquaculture Research (IHMA) are analysing this week in Peru the habitat conditions of jack mackerel and other species in the South Pacific with the objective of to contribute to the national and international effort to investigate and diagnose the current population situation of this resource.

The president of the SNP, Cayetana Aljovín, informed that the analysis collected from this workshop will constitute a contribution to the National Report that should be presented in October of this year during the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Regional Organization of Fisheries Management of the South Pacific (OROP-PS).

“Horse mackerel is a species that requires further strengthening of its scientific research. Therefore, since 2010 we have encouraged the organisation of workshops that help us understand their biology, habitat, behavior, distribution, abundance and ecosystem environment, “he said.

Aljovín indicated that the jurel fishery is the third most important in Peru, after anchovy and squid. “The importance of this species is mainly for direct human consumption and the fight against anemia in the country,” he said.

These statements were made within the framework of the Seventh Workshop on the Habitat Conditions of Jurel and other species of the Peruvian Current in the Humboldt System, which included exhibitions by prestigious scientists such as Francois Gerlotto of the IHMA, as well as Julia Parrish and John Horne of the University of Washington.