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Products Services • International Organisation Review  The EC funded SARNISSA project began with addressing a key constraint holding back the development of aquaculture in Sub Saharan Africa (S



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The EC funded SARNISSA project began with addressing a key constraint holding back the development of aquaculture in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA), ie lack of access to relevant information and communication. By May 2012 it had developed into a unique online based network of over 2100 individuals joined together across borders and languages, sharing information, contacts, and more towards increasing SSA aquaculture production.

SARNISSA has now built up its main website into a unique repository of publications, African Fish Farms and commercial suppliers, Research Institutes, Videos, Employment and funding opportunities, Media news, and much more. This website allied to two (English and French) African aquaculture email fora soon began to see increasing numbers joining the discussions and information exchange allowing SARNISSA to identify key individuals with promise whom they could interact with in three main ways:

Firstly a portfolio of user friendly case studies highlighting the successes and failures of African aquaculture development were developed by working with identified members as co authors. These were often younger, up and coming researchers who for many it was their first experience of publishing. By May 2011, 35 Case studies were available through SARNISSA to thousands across the continent and internationally.

Secondly SARNISSA developed research and other collaborations with key stakeholders – these again identified through fora information exchange. In three years SARNISSA had helped to set up a number of research, and other collaborations including Macrobrachium culture in Cameroon, Aquashops in Kenya, Africa’s first Commercial Aquaculture Symposium in Gabon, and another project PROINSECT in Ghana. Through advertising European, Turkish and Asian companies also obtained contracts for equipment and service supply.

Thirdly SARNISSA worked at Policy level, with policy members interacting regularly often for the first time, through a series of online fora, attendance at policy level meetings and then formulation of bilingual Policy briefs disseminated widely throughout the network.

SARNISSA also developed its online coverage through free access to the CABI online Aquaculture Compendium. It also carried out an Asian study tour where the three African partners travelled for one month to view aquaculture in Thailand, Bangladesh and Nepal. SARNISSA also set up and developed a Facebook site which opened up SARNISSA to a different often younger based audience and also a SARNISSA Twitter feed gave access to the increasing number of mobile phone users across Africa.

By the end of the projects EC funding SARNISSA had really developed from a small online network into a continent wide/international “Community of Practice” of registered members (over 2100 by May 2012) which has allowed it to continue growing even after project funding finished. Impacts from SARNISSA can be clearly seen and measured. In future, different organisational structures are being examined in terms of moving towards a more self-sustaining income generating organisation with commercial sponsorships and online advertising. Time will tell the road SARNISSA takes however from humble beginnings it has in three years become a major network benefitting and bringing together thousands of African and other individuals across a range of disciplines and sectors in the growing African aquaculture sector.

To join SARNISSA Register for Free at:

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Inst of Aquaculture
University of Stirling

Tel: +44 1786 467899

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