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Mørenot Aquaculture AS






Plant & Equipment
• AquaCom
• Cages
• Flexilink
• Mooring systems
NetRobot – cleaning robot
• Nets
• Netting
• Netting antifouling coatings

Consultancy services design, calculations and technical solutions
• Service, repair and maintenance



Mørenot Aquaculture manufactures nets in Nylon, HMPE and HDPE, based on specifications given by the customer and requirements stated in the NS-9415 industry standards.


We have manufactured netting since 1917 and can offer superior quality ripplefree and knotless netting made of Nylon HMPE and HDPE – tailored for fish farming. We use only the best fibers from certified producers.

Antifouling and coatings
We offer antifouling and coating for any purpose. We are determined to comply environmental requirements, and we thrive to contribute to a sustainable aquaculture industry.

Mooring systems
We offer solid mooring solutions to reduce the risk of escape. Our Flexilink® mooring grid is made from fiber and contains no hardware components. This eliminates mechanical breakage and secures against damages and escapes. Flexilink® shows minimal signs of damage, even after several years in the sea. Inspections are performed on longer intervals and installation is far more efficient than for traditional mooring systems. The grid can be adjusted to all kinds of locations and conditions. Handling certificates is simple and well arranged, and we issue an assembled certificate for the complete grid.

Solid fish farm cages in HDPE can be delivered in any size and for any kind of fish farming.

Cleaning robot which keeps the aquaculture net constantly clean. It is quiet and works continuously and prevents fouling organisms from settling on the net. The brushing process is gentle both on the net and to the fish. The fish shows no sign of stress when a Netobot is working. Therefore, it has no impact on feed intake, and a healthy growth rate can be maintained.

We offer efficient and professional service for the aquaculture industry. Our service stations are located in areas where the aquaculture industry is established.

AquaCom databases by AquaKnowledge
Offers total control and overview of the fish farm. We provide certificates, user manuals, maintenance programs and other important documents for the technical components on your site available at any time.

Consultancy services;
Through Aqua Knowledge, we provide design, analyses and technical support for the global aquaculture industry. We perform dynamical analyses of nets and moorings and are responsible for the AquaCom database system.



Mørenot Aquaculture AS
NO-6280 Søvik

Tel: +47 70 209500

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