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Products Feed and Feed Ingredients • Medicines, antibiotics • Medicines, vaccines Review Sustaining the world’s growing appetite for fish and shellfish puts a heavy responsibility on those eng

Merck Animal Health


Feed and Feed Ingredients
• Medicines, antibiotics
• Medicines, vaccines


Sustaining the world’s growing appetite for fish and shellfish puts a heavy responsibility on those engaged in aquaculture – the farming of aquatic animals. Not only are aquatic animals a rich source of safe low-fat high-protein nourishment for several billion people the world over, they also provide important fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals and vitamins, all of which are vitally linked to human growth, health and longevity. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is focusing on fish, and especially the rapidly expanding aquaculture sector, to help meet the world’s projected food production requirements.

However, modern fish farming brings new challenges that threaten the health of stocks. Thankfully, vaccination, a cost-effective and practical way of preventing many infectious diseases, is already available for a growing number of aquatic animal species. In fact, it is the method of choice to protect stocks from disease, providing a very effective prophylactic defence against bacterial and viral pathogens. However, as well as vaccination and strict sanitary measures, just like for human healthcare, there will always be a need for other safe and effective medicines to help keep our food fish healthy.

Setting our sights on a healthy future together

With in-house knowledge and experience going back over 20 years, Intervet Aquatic Animal Health is a renowned pioneer in providing superior aquatic animal health products. It is an integral part of Intervet International (headquartered in Boxmeer, The Netherlands), one of the world’s leading animal health companies that produces top quality animal health products, including vaccines, antiparasitics, anti-infectives, speciality pharmaceuticals and endocrine/fertility products.

From its early beginnings in Bergen (Norway), Intervet Aquatic Animal Health has successfully grown along with the fast developing professional aquaculture industry. Indeed, Intervet has been the market leader for salmonid vaccines in Norway and Chile for several years.

Today, Intervet remains at the forefront of technology and innovation in aquatic animal vaccines and other products for the prevention and control of disease.

Intervet maintains an international network of centres where experts in such fields as microbiology, immunology, pharmacol­ogy, biotechnology and veterinary science carry out research and other work vital to the future of the aquaculture industry, such as epidemiology, training and technical support. The company strongly believes in a bright future for the whole aquaculture industry, from the well-developed more species-focused areas like Norway, the EU, Chile and North America, to the Asia-Pacific region, which is by far the largest aquaculture region of the world (with over 90% of production) and which holds the challenge of a large diversity of species and farming systems.


Merck Animal Health
2 Giralda Farms
Madison, NJ 07940

Tel:+1 908 4733349

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Company Name Merck Animal Health
Address 2 Giralda Farms
Address 2 Madison
PostCode 07940
State NJ
Tel: +1 908 473 3349
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