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Products Plant & Equipment • Aeration systems • Gas Supplies Review BOC provides a range of Aeration and Gas supply systems for the Aquaculture Industry through its SOLVOX® solutions. Ove



Plant & Equipment
• Aeration systems
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BOC provides a range of Aeration and Gas supply systems for the Aquaculture Industry through its SOLVOX® solutions.

Over the years, both BOC and Linde have amassed vast experience in the field of aquaculture and a growing number of customers now rely on our expertise. With over 500 installations worldwide, The Linde Group is the global market-leader in oxygenation.

Maintaining the right level of oxygen in the water will improve utilisation of feed, reduce the growth period, reduce fish mortality and reduce the need for vaccination and antibiotics. As a consequence, the appropriate use of oxygen improves the economic situation of a fish farm significantly and provides additional production reliability. With the SOLVOX® range, which comprises a variety of oxygen dissolution and distribution systems, BOC has the right solution to meet these specific needs. BOC also offers the full range of oxygen supply modes: from cylinder and bulk storage to on-site generation, BOC has the experience to deliver the total engineered solution.

Each of our SOLVOX® oxygenation systems are specially designed to meet the specific conditions of individual fish farms, whether fresh water or salt water plants.

Product Details example:

SOLVOX® OxyStream is a low-pressure oxygenation system for sea water, brackish water and fresh water tanks. The system is a patented all-in-one product which oxygenates the water and evenly distributes it using an adjustable flow regime in the fish tank. SOLVOX® OxyStream includes a water flow indicator which provides an overview of the water flow into each tank.

The microbubbles created by SOLVOX® OxyStream reduce the concentration of dissolved nitrogen and the total gas pressure of the water. In many cases, due to this beneficial effect, external degassing units generally become obsolete.

SOLVOX® OxyStream achieves maximum effect beginning at about 15 ‰ salinity and requires a pressure of merely 0.05 – 0.2 barg to oxygenate the water, strip nitrogen and create optimal tank hydrodynamics for  fish production. The low operating pressure requirement makes the system very energy-efficient.

SOLVOX® OxyStream is installed easily by connecting it to the water inlet pipe and fixing the unit to the bottom of the tank. A retrofit of SOLVOX® OxyStream to existing tanks is therefore very simple and cost-efficient. SOLVOX® OxyStream is designed to achieve stable operation and requires minimal maintenance. For large fish tanks with high water flow rates, multiple SOLVOX® OxyStream units can be installed. SOLVOX® OxyStream is available for a wide range of tank sizes from 6 to 20 m in diameter, and volumes from 40 to 1,500 m3. Larger units are currently under development.

BOC recommends installing SOLVOX® OxyStream in combination with SOLVOX®F oxygen control cabinets for optimal operation.

Other Products include:

Solvox® A: Low-pressure oxygen dissolver for salt water and brackish water

Solvox® Stream: Slot tube with water flow indicator for improved oxygen distribution and tank hydraulics

Solvox® C: Pressure dissolver for sea water and fresh water

Solvox® CV: Boosting oxygenation – venturi nozzle for capacity increase of pressure dissolvers

Solvox®B: Perforated hose for dissolving of oxygen without auxiliary energy

Solvox®CD: Ceramic Diffusers

Solvox®F oxygen control cabinet


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