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Products Plant & Equipment • Computer software, production management • Sizing equipment Review XpertSea provides aquaculture producers worldwide with powerful tools t

ReThink Inc

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Products Services • Consultants – analytical • Design and engineering services Review Since 2005, we have provided a full range of business management, productivity ass

Deep Trekker Inc

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Products Plant & Equipment • Remotely operated vehicle(ROV) • Remotely operated vehicle(ROV) Accessories Review Deep Trekker’s mission is simple: we want to give an

Koenders Water Solutions Inc

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Products Services • Aeration systems • Wastewater treatment Equipment Review Koenders Water Solutions Inc is a Canadian company founded in 1988 and has innovated windmill aer

Coast Continental Milling Inc

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Products Feed & Feed Ingredients • Krill hydrolysates • Krill meal Review Specialty krill micro diet feeds for fin fish, shrimp, prawns, Krill meal, krill oil, krill hydro

Octaform Systems Inc

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Products Plant & Equipment • Tanks construction • Tanks Review Integrated into anything from a simple grow-out tank to the most complex recirculating aquaculture systems,

Krill Canada Corp

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Products Feed & Feed Ingredients • Proteins marine, Krill hydrolysates • Proteins marine, Krill meal Review Krill Canada Corp products are also for palatability in medica