Fish on land depending on AGA

August 12, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aquaculture News,News-Global

Earlier this spring, Fredrikstad Seafood opened Norway’s first land-based food fish plant in Fredrikstad.Behind the project is Nordic Aquafarms, which has put out 100,000 smolt in the plant.The goal is to produce 1500 tonnes of salmon in the first place.Fully developed, the plant will be able to handle 6,000 tonnes of salmon a year.To achieve these goals, AGA delivers the essential oxygen for the project to succeed.

After several years of planning and applications, Fredrikstad Seafood has finally started production of Norway’s first land-based fish farming facility.Today, there are several plants on land where smolt and post-smolt have been placed in tanks on land, but this is the first where salmon live the entire life cycle of this environment.- Here in Norway we are very far ahead in this area in the form of production of larger and larger smolt (post smolt) onshore, explains Fredrikstad Seafood general manager Roger Fredriksen.- We are in our first year, and we are excited about how the result will be when we now produce salmon right up to harvest size.

The delivery of oxygen, which is absolutely critical in such a project, has Fredrikstad Seafood chosen AGA as a gas supplier.”There are several reasons for this,” says Fredriksen.- Firstly, delivery ability is very important, as we depend on predictability.Secondly, we know that AGA already has a high level of expertise in this area, he points out.

The salmon that decides

A lot of research has been done on farming on land, and in theory this should be entirely possible.- But it is biology that ultimately determines, Roger Fredriksen emphasises.- For us to succeed, there is a lot that needs to be done.Regardless, it is the salmon that ultimately determines, which is why we set fish welfare high and put a lot of effort into ensuring optimal fish welfare, he says.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial for the fish welfare that deliveries are predictable and arrive on time.
– In case of a mistake, it is hours if we need emergency oxygen, explains Fredriksen.

– Then we must trust our suppliers and be confident that they can assist.We know well about AGA’s expertise in oxygenation and fish farming, as well as their well-run distribution and high expertise in this area, he concludes.

One may wonder why one chooses to invest in upright land in Norway, with its long coast.
– We consider our location in Fredrikstad to have a number of advantages, Fredriksen points out.- We are close to the European market and central Eastern Norway, and we depend on the production having access to people with high competence.It is also important that we have good and safe access to reasonable energy, and we get that here.By having Glomma as a water source, we have ample access to both freshwater and seawater, concludes Fredriksen.

Tore-Jakob Reite, Head of Segment Fish-farming at AGA is pleased to contribute to this project.- We know that Nordic Aquafarm has big and ambitious plans also beyond Norway’s borders, and it will be exciting to be part of this development, he says.- We will see that it is becoming more and more common to farm food fish on land, and oxygen and oxygenation technology will be a very important part of this, he says.

In addition to the plant in Fredrikstad, Nordic Aquafarms has a tuna plant in Denmark and is planning a plant in Maine, USA.

AGA participates at Aqua Nor in Trondheim 20-23.August where there is the opportunity to take a tour of booth F-536 to talk more with the experts on how they are working to optimize oxygenation in fish farming.


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