DanFish: Danish companies excel in customization and collaboration

October 1, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aquaculture News,News-Global

The international fisheries and related processing industry increasingly require customised solutions. Therefore, Danish suppliers are proactive in their approach to new industry demands. Danish companies are very attentive to customer needs, innovative and focused on developing the right products in close collaboration with customers and other industry partners, states Martin Winkel, Head of Danish Export – Fish Tech, organizer of Pavilion of Denmark at DanFish International.

The global fishing industry is developing at an incredible pace, and 9-11 October Denmark will be the centre of the world’s fishing industry elite, when DanFish International takes place and visitors from more than 50 countries are gathering in Aalborg.

Cooperation among the Danish companies and customised solutions to the fisheries and related processing industry put Danish suppliers at the very forefront when international stakeholders, buyers and stakeholders visit DanFish International.

Customization improves the product

The Danish company NTF-Aalborg, who produces stainless steel solutions made by wire and round steel to among others the fishing industry, are often contacted by existing or new potential customers because they offer customized solutions:

“We produce all from single units to several 1000 pieces of a particular item. It depends on our customers’ needs. The customers invest in optimal use of their production equipment, which makes the design of the product a priority over price,” says Jørgen Ravn, Key Account Director and co-owner of NTF-Aalborg.

Similarly, the Danish company, IRON Pump A/S, who produces water pumps and Ellehammer ejectors for fishing and marine applications, develops products to individual customer needs:

“Our ejectors and pumps are customized to fit our customers’ specific needs and applications. I.e. for the fishing industry, we took on the task and developed a new stainless-steel ejector for a specific customer as part of a solution that optimizes the use of raw materials onboard,” says Kenneth Jensen, Product Specialist at IRON Pump A/S

Cross-industry cooperation

According to Martin Winkel, Head of Danish Export – Fish Tech, innovative product development and collaboration are key, when Danish companies export products all over the world:

“This applies both to the cooperation with the customers, but also across the industry. If an individual supplier cannot provide the full solution, Danish suppliers to the fisheries and related processing industry are proactive in joining competencies in order to meet the customers’ challenges.” In that regard, Jørgen Ravn from NTF adds:

“My Swedish industry colleague tells us that it is difficult to compete with Danish companies because we collaborate in so many ways within the industry. It makes it challenging to others to be on track with Danish suppliers when we help each other with the right solutions and support each other through export networks.”

More than 90 Danish companies at ‘Pavilion of Denmark’

More than 90 companies form the Danish joint stand ‘Pavilion of Denmark’ at DanFish International. ‘Pavilion of Denmark’ is in Hall D covering booth 800-892, where NTF-Aalborg and IRON Pump are also exhibiting.

“DanFish is one of the world’s most important exhibitions for equipment to the global fishing industry and a unique opportunity to learn more about Danish competencies,” concludes Martin Winkel.

Danish Export – Fish Tech is the largest Danish network of suppliers to the global fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing industries. Close to 100 companies are member of the network, which is part of Danish Export Association.