AlgaPrime™ DHA by Corbion and BioMar collaborate to provide innovative feed for new sustainable salmon brand – Kvarøy Arctic

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With the inclusion of AlgaPrime™ DHA in its feed, Kvarøy Arctic salmon has high omega-3s with one of the industry’s lowest fish-in fish-out ratios

Corbion, a global market leader in algae-based food and feed ingredients, and BioMar, the leading innovator in sustainable aquaculture feeds, have collaborated with Kvarøy Arctic, a third-generation, family-owned Atlantic salmon farm, to introduce their sustainably raised salmon brand, Kvarøy Arctic to the US and Canada.  The responsibly-sourced, clean feed was created by BioMar as part of their “In the Blue” salmon diet concept and includes AlgaPrime™ DHA, the leading sustainably produced, algae source of long-chain omega-3s.

“With AlgaPrime™ DHA, you have a clean input into the fish feed.  You will have a cleaner fish and therefore a healthier fish,” says Kvarøy Arctic CEO Alf-Gøran Knutsen.

“We are thrilled to continue to be part of Kvarøy Arctic’s journey and family legacy to demonstrate leadership in sustainable practices in salmon farming,” said Jill Kauffman Johnson, Head of Global Market Development of Algae Ingredients at Corbion.  “Kvarøy Arctic has been at the forefront implementing a new feed model developed by BioMar to utilize a range of innovative ingredients, including AlgaPrime™ DHA.”

According to Kvarøy Arctic, the salmon has double the omega-3 content of other farmed salmon and a fish-in fish-out (FIFO) ratio of only 0.48:1, one of the lowest in the aquaculture industry.  This has been achieved in part through pioneering work with Corbion to use microalgae as a sustainable source of long-chain omega-3s.  Developed to reduce dependency on marine fisheries and provide a new source of long-chain omega-3s for the aquaculture industry, AlgaPrime™ DHA is a native, whole algae ingredient that contains approximately three times the level of DHA of fish oil.  AlgaPrime™ DHA is also a clean ingredient, sustainably produced through fermentation with non-GM cane sugar as a feedstock and a production system powered by renewable energy.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Kvarøy, and help them reach their goals for raising healthy and delicious salmon that is rich in omega-3s with a low FIFO,” said Vidar Gunderson, Global Sustainability Director at BioMar. “The success of our innovative feed solutions is tied to maintaining nutritional value and flavor while also continuously reducing environmental impact.”

According to Kvarøy Arctic, their Kvarøy Arctic salmon is now available at retail through Whole Foods US locations (Midwest and Atlantic regions) and at Whole Foods Canada (Ontario and British Columbia), with the designation “Whole Foods Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon—Product of Norway” in the fresh case. Additional specialty retailers, distributors, and customers will be announced later in 2020 or can be found in the “Where to find” section of

The continued expansion of BioMar feed with AlgaPrime™ DHA is the latest in a series of milestones that shows demand for algae-fed salmon among farmers, brands and retailers.

About Corbion

Corbion is the global market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives, and a leading company in emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals, vitamins and algae ingredients. We develop sustainable ingredient solutions to improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations. For over 100 years, we have been uncompromising in our commitment to safety, quality, innovation and performance. Drawing on our deep application and product knowledge, we work side-by-side with customers to make our cutting edge technologies work for them. Our solutions help differentiate products in markets such as food, home & personal care, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bioplastics. In 2018, Corbion generated annual sales of € 897.2 million and had a workforce of 2,040 FTE. Corbion is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.  For more information:

About BioMar

BioMar Group is a leading supplier of high-performance feed to the global aquaculture industry. Currently, BioMar operates 14 feed factories and is constructing another two. The factories are placed across the globe in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador and very soon also in Australia. Roughly, one out of five farmed fish produced in Europe, South and Central America is fed on BioMar feed. Worldwide, BioMar supplies feed to around 80 countries and for more than 45 different fish species. BioMar Group is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ, Copenhagen. Learn more about the company purpose and the BioMar Group on

About Kvarøy Arctic

Kvarøy Arctic is a third-generation, family-owned Atlantic salmon farm located on the Island of Kvarøy along Norway’s Arctic Circle. Led by CEO Alf-Gøran Knutsen, Production Manager Gjermund Olsen, and Operations Manager Håvard Olsen, the Kvarøy Arctic team is ushering in a new era of sustainability for the salmon farming industry as a net producer of fish protein with a groundbreaking FIFO (fish in : fish out ratio) of 0.48:1. Kvarøy Arctic is ASC certified, and has the merroir of Norway’s cold, clear waters with delicate marine flavors and slight brininess. The fish is currently available at retail through Whole Foods US (the Midwest and Atlantic regions), and at Whole Foods Canada (Ontario and British Columbia) with the designation “Whole Foods Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon—Product of Norway” in the fresh case. Learn about the heritage of Kvarøy Arctic by visiting, Instagram @kvaroyarctic, Facebook @KvaroyArctic, and Twitter @KvaroyArctic, and use #TasteTheArctic