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Silverside feed technology developed

June 12, 2013 - Aquaculture News
Silverside feed technology developed

Researchers from the National Fisheries Institute (Inapesca) and from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) are working on the development of feed technology for farming silverside larvae in culture.

The ultimate goal pursued by the team of scientists is to promote the recovery of this endemic species of Lake Patzcuaro.

The Directorate General for Aquaculture Research of Inapesca reported that since 2009, experts have been working on this project in the aquatic zoology laboratories of the School of Higher Studies (FES) Iztacala of UNAM.

For four years, researchers have been conducting studies and experiments generating knowledge on the effects of diets prepared specifically for silverside larvae Chirostoma estorPatzcuaro and Chirostoma humbodianum, inhabiting in reservoirs of Nayarit, Michoacan and Mexico State.

The Department also stated that fattening tests with larvae of these species were performed in order to meet their food preferences and the amount of prey ingested during the first six weeks of life.

Then, experiments were performed using a freshwater zooplankton diet, alternative to feed based on euryhaline species, such as brine shrimp.

The scientists showed that using water fleas (Moina macrocopa) — as a substitute for artemia — can be cheaper.

Besides, it was proved that feeding larvae with a combination of micro encapsulated live feed, makes it possible to substitute live preys by 50 percent, Inapesca reported in a press release.

It is expected that in the medium term, this feed technique contributes to the recovery of this emblematic species of Michoacan.


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