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PETA lobster cruelty claims dismissed

September 19, 2013 - Aquaculture News
PETA lobster cruelty claims dismissed

In an official statement, the Maine Department of Marine resources (MDMR) has strongly objected to claims of cruel lobster kills made by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The Department has dismissed PETA’s statements as “nothing more than another disingenuous attempt to advance their agenda and negatively impact Maine’s most important coastal industry and the economy it supports“. For MDMR, the intention of this group is to attack Maine companies and attract attention but not to improve welfare statutes of these animals.

The NGO has released an undercover video where practices of lobster cruelty including mutilation of live lobster are shown. It was presumably shot at Rockland processing plant of Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster.

PETA manager, Dan Paden, said there are more humane alternatives of slaughtering. It is not the first time that PETA has tackled the lobster industry. In the year 2008, it tried to show what lobsters have to go through once opening a “lobster empathy centre” catches them.

Carl Wilson, a lead lobster biologist has argued that the video footage evidence does not go against state and federal laws and regulations, which comprise Maine’s animal welfare statute.

PETA has repeatedly suggested, without success, alternative killing methods.

The Maine Department of Marine Resources has licensed fourteen processors which process 10 million to 12 million pounds of lobster a year. That’s only about 10 percent of the state’s catch. Nearly 70 percent is processed in Canada, which has more plants.

Maine lobster industry is notorious for selling the best seafood in the world. MDMR states Maine’s is constantly showing its commitment to food safety and freshness of its iconic product. MDMR stresses that the state adheres strictly to all regulations and laws.

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