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Canary Islands authorises introduction of shrimp exotic species

November 13, 2013 - Aquaculture News
Canary Islands authorises introduction of shrimp exotic species

The Canary Islands government authorised the introduction of two exotic species of shrimp for farming the species in onshore facilities located in Ingenio, Gran Canary, after evaluating the potential environmental and sanitary aspect.

Through a new decree, the Governing Council authorises the firm Langostino Real Canarias SL to carry out an aquaculture project for fattening Litopenaus vannamei and Penaus monodon shrimp species.

The company had requested the authorization to perform these operations in May.

Canary Islands authorities concluded that farming these shrimp is a real opportunity for the aquaculture industry, both from the point of view of the diversification of the product as well as its suitability for breeding in captivity.

Because of the risks that could lead to the cultivation of foreign resources for environmental biodiversity, Fisheries Law 17/2003 in the Canary Islands requires the regional government authorization and a previous report issued by the Departments of the Environment and Health.

In addition, the European Council states that “farmers who intend to the introduction of an alien species or the non-planned translocation of a locally absent species, they must apply for a permit from the competent authority.”

Besides, it states that “it is possible to submit applications for multiple movements to be carried out over a maximum period of seven years.”

The Canary Islands government clarified that all imported shrimp lots must have the corresponding SPF (free from infection) certificate.

In addition, the company will have to record all items sold in the Canary Islands and the identification data as well as the purchaser’s address, quantities and dates, among other issues.

In no case may live specimens be traded.

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