August sets new record for FDA refusals of shrimp entry lines

September 10, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aquaculture News,News-NorthAmerica

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released to the public information regarding entry line refusals for the month of August. The agency reported refusing a total of 207 seafood entry lines last month. Of these, 72 (35%) were of shrimp entry lines refused for reasons related to banned antibiotics.

The refusals of 72 separate entry lines of shrimp for reasons related to antibiotics is the highest amount reported by FDA for any month going back to 2002. With fourteen years worth of data available through the agency’s website, the top five months for shrimp entry line refusals have occurred during the first eight months of this year:

Rank Month Shrimp Entry Line Refusals for Antibiotics
1 August 2015  72
2 March 2015  58
3 January 2015  58
4 July 2015  54
5 April 2015  51

Through last month, the FDA has now refused a total of 358 entry lines of shrimp products for reasons related to banned antibiotics. This exceeds the total amount of entry lines of shrimp refused by the FDA for the same reasons over the three previous years (338).

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