Aquaculture Investment Pioneer Launches Search Fund for an Alternative Aquafeed Technology

February 27, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Aquaculture News,News-Global

Aquaculture investor, David Tze, announced the launch of the Tze Venture Search Fund for Aquaculture Technology focused on aquaculture feed technology. Tze first announced the yet unnamed fund during the F3 Fish-Free Feed Challenge meeting that took place in the San Francisco Bay Area in January 2017.

The new fund will do entrepreneurship through acquisition,” said Tze, who directed the first and only true venture fund for aquaculture, Aquacopia Ventures I.

From its first investment more than ten years ago, Aquacopia was pivotal in creating a wave of important aquaculture companies, including the offshore farm Open Blue, equipment innovation firm InnovaSea, and the feed ingredient technology firm and affiliated Chinese joint venture iCell/Nutrinsic. Those companies put more than $200 million in capital to work in the growing aquaculture industry sector.

Tze’s new search fund will focus on innovation in the aquafeed ingredients sub-sector, seeking a single aquaculture technology to acquire, operate, and grow.

Since the first half of 2016, Tze has been focusing both his entrepreneurial skills and network of private investors on aquaculture technology, with a specific interest in alternative protein ingredients for aquaculture feeds. After significant winnowing, Tze said he is evaluating four alternative proteins for aquaculture feeds. While he has not publicly identifying them, the pool of ingredient technology prospects includes genetics, primary nutrient production, and value-added processing. One is a distressed patent portfolio, two are companies, and one is a solo inventor.

“The recent alternative ingredients for aquaculture meeting hosted by the Fish-Free Feed Challenge is the most recent and visible signal of coalescing interest in our area,” said Tze. “While I predict our ultimate ingredient will improve both fish-bearing and fish-free feeds, the F3 Challenge served as final confirmation of the top priority of this alternatives sub-category for my search fund.”

The F3 Fish-Free Feed Challenge launched in Nov. 2015 on the HeroX crowdfunding site to encourage innovation of alternative ingredients for aquaculture fishfeeds, improve the industry’s sustainability, and to reduce pressure on wild-caught fish to supply fishfeed components. The contest is intended to help catalyze the development and sale of cost-competitive, viable aquafeeds free of fishmeal and fish oils. Contestants from Thailand, Indonesia, China, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Myanmar (Burma), the Netherlands, Belgium, and the U.S. are advancing to the first sales reporting stage of the multi-stage contest to develop fish-free feed for the aquaculture industry.

Source Healthy Oceans